Here goes with my first of 30 posts. I've just been doing some short practice and looking up the kanji. For each one I use I am also looking them up in the Kanji Learner's Dictionary . This will help me become more familiar with them and improve my use of the dictionary. It takes some practice to get the lookup values right.

I'm going to be using the Japanese characters in my posts, so if you don't have it setup on your pc you will probably just see lots of squares. If you would like to see them a quick Google of something like "japanese input windows 7" or "japanese mac os x" will explain how to enable the correct displaying of Japanese fonts.

For my first two days I've decided to include multiple simple kanji to get it started. Each kanji include the character, the kana version and a link to it on the website as I find that quite useful.

- いち -
- に -
- さん -
- よん/し -
- ご -

I'm not quite sure that I am happy with how I've laid them out, but I'm mainly doing this to try out the "post a day" idea and to help me learn the Kanji. So I guess it doesn't matter that much.

As for the main content of this site, I am going to post about the ListConverter again this weekend.

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