last day on the numbers now, with just 13 Kanji I can write quite a lot of numbers. Here's the final number Kanji. Tomorrow I will move onto different Kanji.

- まん -

EDIT: After thinking about it I realized I need to add more detail to what I mean below. I cannot yet deal with all numbers but only whole numbers. There are other things besides the Kanji I am practicing here that I would need to use to deal with decimal numbers. I'm also going to add a compound word to the end of this entry as explained in day 6. It's just an interesting one I noticed when looking up this Kanji.

If I'm correct I think I can write out all the numbers between 1 and 99,999,999. I was thinking about this and thought about it in English, I'm guessing you might need most of the 26 letters of the alphabet to write all these numbers in full. So I was wondering if it would require knowing more symbols/letters in English or Japanese to write all of these. I guess it's hard to compare stroke count in Kanji to letters and words.

Here's the last number in Kanji just for a bit of practice typing:


I might be able to write that faster than typing, trying to do the Kanji with a UK keyboard using an IME is hard work.

万歳 - ばんざい - Banzei/hurrah.

Interesting but including a far more complicated Kanji than I am trying to learn yet.

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