As I mentioned in my last post I found the idea of doing a post a day on a topic an interesting idea. Currently I don't know of a topic in development that I could do this for, maybe I will one day but not right now.

But I have a topic I can use which is Japanese and more specifically Kanji. So I am going to do 30 days of Kanji. This will mainly be a way for me to try out the idea and aid my studying before I start the next stage at a Uni I've been studying it at. I've titled it slightly differently by using the "30 Days of" title since I am not going to start it with only one Kanji a day. I'm also not doing it on a certain month since that would mean waiting a couple of weeks to get started.

So later tonight once I have done some practice reading and writing the kanji I will post the set for today :).

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