I'm probably too indecisive to really be able to do a good job of designing a web page, that and I don't feel I have the creative flare that I think you need to be able to do a really good job. Though maybe it is something that you could learn with time. To talk about designing websites is a topic that fills lots of books and websites.

So I was just looking again for idea's on creating a simple layout. My main thought was to add a simple footer to prevent the last item being shown off screen. The jQuery toggle works fine and shows an element, but if it's on the bottom of the page it does not scroll the window to display the element.

In the end I happened across this website:


I'm going to use this as a simple template to create the initial version of the page. Maybe if I find I keep up development of the system I will create a nicer looking page for it.

Once I've got a basic working version I will make the code public.