So I had a quick look around for a nice application to use for forms design. There are a few specific tools for it but most are quite expensive or very early alpha or beta apps. I wanted something free as I'm not working on a major app now. In the end I decided on trying out Inkscape for now.

One thing that I found that made me decide to try this was this page: . I've just finished watching the video (I found it on youtube as well ). I've not followed it totally as it's quite easy just to jump into Inkscape since I've used tools like it before.

So back to the design. I basically created the same as the last time but I've moved the buttons around a little bit. I think it's a lot easier to use this then on paper. I figured that I could create a template of different UI elements in a separate file. Then I could copy and paste them into new designs, or even duplicate a whole design to start a different idea or format.

Since the ListConverter is going to be quite a small app I might not do any more design but just go straight into the form designer soon. Also since I am designing the app mostly for my own use I can't ask myself or an opinion in the same way as I would if I was designing it for someone else :).

Also another good looking site about Inkscape: . Near the end of the last part of the youtube videos (part 5) a guy suggested the site.

Tags: Interaction Design | ListConverter | Inkscape