For various reasons I've not been using this site for some time. During this time I've also not really been able to get any development done. Just recently I had the time and felt it was past time that I got back into software development. So I looked at my options for studying WPF again. This time I decided to go for reading a book. I ended up getting WPF 4 Unleashed . This is a really good book that goes into great detail about the system.

After I had read most of this (I've not bothered with the rich content part or things like touch screen input) and found it very useful and quite an easy technical book to read. I did get the Kindle version but I read almost all of it on my phone as images and tables are no good on the Kindle (I really like the Kindle for plain novels though). a side note, I would really like to get a tablet for reading like this, the HTC Desire S that I have is a bit of a small screen for reading but it did work and meant that I could read a bit when I had 10 minutes free.

After I had done reading I started thinking about the software I wanted to right and how I would go about it. I ended up thinking about design patterns again and decided to look at a few frameworks. One day I might cover my experience of testing them but not now. My current focus is on Caliburn.Micro which I've read most of the docs already. I think I am going to try using this for MVVM development most likely with the use of the MS Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) for basic IOC and plug-ins (If I feel that fits an app).

So I hope to get back into posting my thoughts about coding again.

Tags: WPF | .NET | MVVM | Update