At the moment I've completed the very basic version of what I wanted. It does have some unit tests, though I've yet to test coverage to see how well they are doing. I tried to use some planning rather than just jumping into the coding. Though I didn't do a great deal with this work.

For now I have complied the new version and uploaded it to BitBucket here:

I think I might leave this project along for now. If I can find someone to work with I would like to try and create something that someone else could use.

Something I came across while working today was a change to a StyleCop rule (see this issue ). Basically it compares the use of the build in "string" version the "String" class. Personally I prefer using the class for static content like String.Format or String.Empty. But the change to the rule means I cannot do that correctly now with the rule enabled. For now I have disabled it as I prefer my view on it. I'm going to suggest splitting it into two rules to see if that might be take up. I do agree that the built in name should be used for variable declarations though. I wonder what other people think of this.

Tags: ListConverter | StyleCop