I've ended up with quite a break since I last worked on the ListConverter project. I had two training courses to attend for work, across the road from Chessington World of Adventures (the bar was busy in the early evenings ^^).

But I've got time today to get back onto it. I will most likely be able to finish the initial work I want to do on it today. I've just got my pc setup for development again as I had to reformat it. Having run the project up and executed StyleCop, it was not really surprising to find quite a few warnings (256 in total over the 3 projects). I had been doing most of my work on the laptop which I currently only have the Express edition of Visual Studio. So I could not use StyleCop or GhostDoc. Though this is no real excuse for not bothering to get the comments in manually.

This is part of my work now, to improve how I code day to day as well as overall improvements in the way I design software. Now back to the coding.

Tags: ListConverter | Software Development