I spent some time last week looking into options for designing WPF applications. I've found that the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern seems to have been a design that the WPF was designed around. So it fits very well. But I wonder if I still need to avoid the things I described in the post I made about Over-Architecting designs .

These are the links I found that have some useful content:



I thought the second page provides a quite good summary of what the different design patterns are. So I think I will just go for writing a basically design application using the EF 4.1 and WPF.

Once I've got a better feeling for EF 4.1 and WPF I can think think about writing another application or rewriting the existing one to use something like the MVVM. This way I can get into the work now rather than spending all my time considering how to write the software.

Tags: MVVM | WPF | .NET