I'm not fully sure why I used it, but I setup some of my earlier code I uploaded to BitBucket using the GPLv3 license. I even read it through. While it does make it open source it also forces people to comply with it's demands. I'm not going to talk about this much as I want to get on with coding. I found a post, Why I Don't Use the GPL that I thought was useful. So I just spent too much time reading about various software licenses.

After searching I almost went for the The BSD 3-Clause License but decided that I didn't want to use that either. It was a friends mentioning of "public domain" that lead me on another route of searching the web. I then came across the Unlicense and this is almost the end of my search. I was going to use it fully, but I wasn't sure about the middle paragraph. So I thought I would just take the other two. My made reason for using it at all is the "AS IS" part. That way if anyone ever uses my code then they cannot complain to me if they do something with it without thinking and cause problems. I would offer friendly assistant, but not everyone our there is friendly so I feel that it's better to have something in there.

So that's a couple of hours wasted on a complicated subject that you could probably spend many more hours reading about. But at least I feel I've come to a clearer solution than using the GPL. Now to get the coding started.

Tags: Software Development | Open Source | Licenses