This is the first time I've written on this site about photography.  I'm going to keep it short.  In December of 2012 I got my first DSLR camera, I went for a mid-range Nikon D5100, well maybe a touch above mid-range but still defiantly consumer level.

Since then I have taken quite a few photos throughout last year but I didn't manage to get them uploaded to any photo sharing websites.  I'm finally getting round to that now because I've had a short hiatus from photography so it seems like a good time to upload some previous work.

For now I'm going to upload a selection of photos I think were ok from last year.  Basically I'm not the type of person to focus on the past too much, I don't want to go through each event and upload all of the images.  Obviously some of them are things like Christmas with the family which I'm probably going to keep local, I've shown them the photos and they had some printed so that's fine.

I'm going to upload them to my account , you might notice I've not picked a fixed account name yet since you can either change it a couple times or only once.  For now this link will be fine to get me started.

Currently all photos I upload will be licenses using Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) .  It is a restrictive license for now, maybe I will change that in the future when I have chance to think about it more.

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