It ended up a quite week on the updates this week. I was busy with work, went down to London on Monday evening and attended the BCS Sigist "What is Testing?" conference for the day. It was ok, but basically shows that we really need to hire a tester at work. But they are not going to do that as that would be smart and make our code better and avoid error, but wait that costs them now and the higher management cannot see past a cost to a greater good.

* deep breaths*

sorry, small rant about futile things.

So I have been able to get some studying and coding done this week. I'm just about finished with the first version of a RSS feed creation project. I'll try and put more details about it up tomorrow.

Now I think I should get some sleep and get to work on time for a change. They offer flexi time, maybe I should use it a bit less than I do. But I've asked a few times and they are fine with me doing it. I'm far better than I was last year though, it was a bit of a low point last year. Things are looking up this year though.

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