Stack Overflow, a type of error in programming, I think I've only ever got it from an infinite loop. See this page for more info on this meaning .

What I'm actually writing about is the website that can be found at . I created an account on there a few months ago but didn't get into it at the time. I went back to it not that long ago and asked a question. Since the idea of the site is about questions and answers I thought it would be good to attempt to answer some if I could as well. For quite some time now I have found it a useful site to find answers about programming issues. And now I'm starting to slowly built up some reputation points. That's the system they use to gauge your knowledge and commitment to the site. At least that's what comes to my mind right now. I'm sure their FAQ ( ) will do a far better job than I can. My name on their is Kioshiki if your interested in seeing what I've been doing on there.

Tags: Useful website | Programming