Well the StudyFeed idea didn't work out how I wanted it to, so I created a desktop C# app that would give me a working version of what I wanted. I've put it online here: https://bitbucket.org/kihonkai/studyaiddesktop

This is another quickly created application, so it's not really a well coded application but it does work. This one took a lot less time to create though so that has avoided wasting too much time. I decided to try out json to get the question data, in this very simple test it was really simple since both PHP and C# both have simple built in classes to encode and decode json. That and I was just dealing with simple data.

My next app is going to be well designed and include unit tests. It will probably take me longer to create than the StudyAidDesktop app even though it is a simple app, but part of the aim of it is to get into a better way of working than I am doing at the moment.

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