A couple of weeks ago I was reading through the MSDN pages for the Entity Framework 4.1. I recorded my progress in a post: Entity Framework 4.1 MSDN Reading Progress . I had originally thought about keeping it hidden as I was not sure how useful it was to post publicly.

But I decided that I would post it. If someone happens across my site from Google they might find a useful link to a part of the documentation they had not found before. Since there is nothing private about how far I've got through I decided to change this site to help me with posting about this subject. I've added a new page called Studying Posts . This page lists all content tagged with Studying, this way I can quickly get to it for updating or if I have any need to break between reading through the pages for any length of time.

EDIT (2015-03-06 00:02): I removed the Studying Posts link since I've not copied that over from the Drupal website.

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