I've been offline for a while again but I will be back on shortly.  My new coding project at home will produce a working game though it won't have a GUI in the first version.
I found a couple of interesting websites:

This led me to finding the idea of Coding Kata which is basically a coined term for practicing programming.  I like the idea and decided that I'm going to try one.  I'm going to use Monopoly for my first attempt.  The link provides some stages for developing the Monopoly game.
I think I will use this site to record my progress or I might find something else.  For the notes on this site I decided to setup CKeditor so I can use formatted posts to make the site a bit easier to read and more interesting.  The code will most likely get uploaded to https://bitbucket.org/ as I've used this in the past for coding and I may choose to use that for documenting the work as it has a wiki.

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