These are the sections that I still need to read. I'll cross them off as I read them. There are all from the page Data Binding (WPF) .

EDIT: 2011-10-01 09:17, it took quite a while to get through the first section. It was useful though and I've been busy with overtime at work this week. Being involved in a project releasing new software to a whole company is a fair challenge.

EDIT: 2011-10-14 20:49, due to work overtime it took some time to get this last bit covered. At this point I think I've read enough that I should be able try it out on the first stage of my notes/information application.

If I want some further reading there is the Data Binding How-to Topics . I've looked at some of them while reading other sections. I won't go through them all now, I can come back to them if I have to implement something that matches one of the topics.

Current Section: Finished

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